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Sweden, one of the northern Scandinavian countries, is a popular travel destination for those who enjoy spending time in nature. Visitors to Sweden are also able to enjoy many outdoor sporting activities, including hunting. The abundant Swedish landscapes offer hunters a chance to hunt on untouched land and hunt for various wildlife. Experienced to casual hunters can experience a new hunting environment as well as challenge themselves.

Moose in Sweden


Variety of Wild Game

For those coming to Sweden, hunters have a chance to hunt for big game and different wildlife than they may have in their home countries. One of the prize game for most hunters arriving in Sweden is the great Swedish moose. Moose is one of the largest game to hunt in Sweden and hunters can advance their skills and challenge themselves to hunt larger game than they may have previously. Moose can be a difficult animal to spot while hunting, making it a unique challenge for hunters. Other large games include elk, bears, and wild boar.

Sweden’s has a large amount of undeveloped land teeming with wildlife, including many smaller game animals as well. These smaller game animals include birds, arctic foxes, fish, beaver, and lynx. These animals are found throughout the country and in all seasons.

Birds shooting sweden

Beautiful Landscapes

In population, Sweden is not a large county. In nature and the amount of land, Sweden boasts large amounts of untouched landscapes. From the north to the south of Sweden, land for hunting can be found. With many dense forests and untouched landscapes, hunters are surrounded by natural beauty and can relax and enjoy peace and quiet during both the hunt and down time. Sweden has all four seasons, there is weather and climate to suit everyone. In the summer months, the days are long and the weather is sunny. In the winter, the temperatures are perfect for viewing the northern lights and glistening snow. There are different wildlife active in different seasons, visitors are able to hunt in Sweden year round, no matter the weather.

hunting in sweden with dogsAdventure

For those who choose to hunt in Sweden adventure awaits in every season. Group hunting trips with friends, to make long lasting memories as well as the opportunity to learn new techniques such as stalking, wing shooting, driven hunting and more. Many areas of the country offer different landscapes and hunting opportunities, allowing hunters to choose which hunting style they are interested in. Sweden is a country with a long history of hunting and those familiar with the area can provide valuable insight to hunting trips and the best ways to hunt the various wild game.